Beaverton Chiropractor & Sports Medicine Specialist 

Work hard, play harder. Staying active has many profound benefits beyond simply making life more enjoyable. Unfortunately, being active does not come without certain risks, including musculoskeletal injury. Dr. Adam Meisenhelder with Back In Motion Sports Injuries Clinic in Beaverton, Oregon is a chiropractor and sports medicine specialist leading the way in getting you back to a healthyy, active lifestyle. Through the use of Sports Chiropractic, Muscle Release techniques (compare to Active Release Technique ART), Graston technique, Kinesio Taping, and exercise therapy, Dr. Meisenhelder goes beyond the typical chiropractic and physical therapy experience. When the goal is getting you back in action and preventing future injury, Dr. Meisenhelder is the Beaverton Chiropractor for you. 

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